Reco Service – The name combines two core themes that have been linked in the Schmidkonz family for three generations: the traditional craftsmanship of bookbinding and the creative will to develop new products that meet the requirements of the time.

The grandfather laid the foundation stone as a book printer and bookbinder, who also founded the traditional bookbindery Schmidkonz in Regensburg. With the demand for automated binding systems, the father of the company founder invented the Reco bookbinding system (1986-1994). This work led to the joint development of the prototype of the “Bookmaster” (1999-2000), a fully automatic bookbinding line. In the years that followed, this machine was further developed by Bielomatik until it was ready for series production and is still the most innovative hardcover production line for digitally printed books in very small editions.

This joint development work laid the foundation for Robert Schmidkonz’s decision to focus on design work. At the same time, he founded the material finishing company Reco Service in 1994 and in the decades that followed developed the company into an internationally active specialist company for special coatings for the graphic arts trade.

The interaction of craftsmanship and innovative development work characterizes all work processes. Today, Reco Service supplies Bookmaster systems running worldwide with heat-sealable bookbinding material. His many years of experience in construction also make Robert Schmidkonz a valued specialist for the development of numerous niche products and individual special solutions for modern book production.