Real endpapers as a sheet of paper folded in the middle is a quality feature for high-quality hardcover books. We offer you endsheets in your desired specification, assembled exactly according to your specifications.

Dual-Endsheets / Combined Endsheets

Two center-folded endpapers are glued together with a DUROTEX spine strip, leaving a gap between the endpapers that roughly corresponds to the thickness of the book block. You can insert dual-endsheets in the feeder of various perfect binding machines instead of the softcover envelopes. This means that high-quality, mountable hardcover book blocks can be produced even on simple softcover perfect binding machines. Dual resolutions are our absolute specialty; we manufacture individually to customer order according to your wishes, high quality, quickly and inexpensively.

RecoFold Solo –
Endsheets without thermoactivative adhesive coating.

Our listing as a paper dealer with the leading paper mills enables us to offer endpapers at low cost and to finish them with our own machinery according to your wishes.

RecoFold –
Vorsatzpapier with Hotsealable Coating

Originally developed for the Bielomatik Bookmaster 360, we offer folded endpapers with a heat-seal coated exterior. These can be glued to gray cardboard using suitable heat-sealing presses without additional application of adhesive. Due to the lack of a drying process in the book, there are no problems with warping, nor do drying times have to be observed. The book is ready and usable immediately.

We would be happy to advise you if you still have questions.