Unlike common EVA-based hotmelt coatings, we can apply age-resistant hotmelt adhesive coatings in the form of medium to high-viscosity thermoplastics to roll goods up to 40cm wide. Coatings with polyolefins or polyamides are often required for applications where the activation parameters are between 80°C and 120°C and a surface pressure of 1-2 bar. With our special machine, coating thicknesses of approx. 20g/sqm to 50g/sqm are possible. The most common application is the coating on our backing material DUROTEX.

Great benefits of the RECO Service.

Benefit from over 30 years of experience with bookbinding materials for hardcover books.

  • Large stock of materials and powerful crafting machines.

  • Strong partner for small runs and for large series.

  • Short delivery times and low prices.

  • Made to measure at no extra cost.

    (we always produce everything on customer order)

  • Everything made in Germany.

  • Often delivery problems due to purchases from abroad.

  • High minimum quantities.

  • Very long delivery times and high prices for custom-made products.

  • Custom-made products are not available in some cases.

  • Often of unknown origin.