The backing material DUROTEX is an ingenious alternative to conventional cotton lined mull. It is an extremely long-fiber, paper-like material with high tear strength (even when wet) and great buckling stability. Significantly cheaper than all common cotton lined mull materials.

DUROTEX Backliner

Developed in 2005 and produced exclusively for Reco Service, we offer a cost-effective alternative to cotton lined mull. DUROTEX has been optimized for the backing of particularly stable book blocks with a straight spine. It can be processed on all common perfect binding lines. We offer rolls in three different grammages (70g, 90g and 120g), which we assemble on our own rotary cutters at short notice. Roll widths between 15mm and 350mm in a 5mm grid are possible (special widths also available on request). Winding on 76mm / 3″ cardboard tube.

DUROTEX heat sealable on one side

Like DUROTEX backliner, but with a heat-sealable side. There are two adhesive systems to choose from – one based on hotmelt (activation parameters 100-120°C, 3 seconds, min. 1 bar surface pressure) and one based on dispersion (activation parameters 120°C, 3-4 seconds, 2.5- 3 bar surface pressure)

DUROTEX heat sealable on both sides

Heat-sealable on one side like Durotex, but here with two heat-sealable sides – one based on dispersion and the other side based on hotmelt (activation parameters 120°C, 3-4 seconds, 3 bar surface pressure).

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