Durotex can be thermally activated on both sides

Backliner for Bielomatik Bookmaster

Durotex is a double-sided coated backing material, e.g. for processing in the Bielomatik Bookmaster. The Durotex has a hot-melt adhesive coating on one side and a heat-seal coating on the other. Both coatings of this roll material are largely block-resistant to each other up to 40°C, so that it can be wound without silicone backing paper.

The Durotex, which can be thermally activated on both sides, can also be used as a transfer adhesive film, which is characterized by very good dimensional stability compared to conventional films.

Thermo-activatable Durotex is processed with a heated tool. An activation temperature of 100°C and a surface pressure of 1 bar (=10 N/cm²) are sufficient to activate the hot-melt adhesive coating. An activation temperature of 120°C and a surface pressure of 3 bar (=30N/cm²) are required to activate the heat-seal coating.


Possible specifications

Specifications of Durotex backing thermo-activated on both sides:

Roll widths: from 15 mm to 350 mm in 5 mm increments.

Roll lengths: up to 1000 m

Cardboard tube diameter: 76mm (3″)


Großartige Vorteile der RECO Service.

Profitieren Sie von über 30 Jahren Erfahrung mit Buchbinde-Materialien für Hardcover Bücher.

  • Super dünnes Material

  • Sehr knickbruchstabil

  • serh reißfest

  • wesentlich günstiger als Scharnierstoff

  • auf Wunsch mit FSC Nachweis

  • Maßanfertigung ohne Mehrpreis

  • Alles aus Herstellung in Deutschland

  • oftmals dick und unflexibel

  • oftmals teuer

  • nicht alle Anbieter sind FSC-zertifiziert

  • oft nur Standardbreiten

  • teilweise unbekannte Herkunft

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