Durotex with one side heat sealed

Lining heat sealable on one side

Durotex with a dispersion coating is the backing material that can be heat-sealed on one side for a wide range of applications in book production using heat-sealing technology. The high-quality dispersion coating on the tear-resistant carrier material ensures non-ageing bonds. Surface pressure of 3 bar (=30 N/cm²) is required to activate the sealing coating.

Durotex with one-sided hot-melt adhesive coating

Backplate melt-adhesive on one side

Durotex is a backing material for bookbinding that is coated on one side with a hot-melt adhesive coating. The bookbinder no longer has to apply glue for gluing, because the material comes with a thermally activated adhesive coating!

Durotex wird mit einem beheizten Werkzeug verarbeitet. An activation temperature of 100°C and a surface pressure of 1 bar (=10 N/cm²) are sufficient to activate the hot-melt adhesive coating, which is block-resistant up to 60°C.


Possible specification

Specifications of Durotex Heat Seal Lining:

Roll widths: from 50mm in 5mm increments to 350mm

Roll lengths: up to 1000 running meters (90g) or 1200 running meters (70g).

Activation parameters of the heat seal coating: 100-120°C, 3 bar surface pressure (=30N/cm² or 3kg/cm²) and sealing time approx. 3 seconds

Great benefits of the RECO service.

Benefit from over 30 years of experience with bookbinding materials for hardcover books.

  • Super thin material
  • Very resistant to buckling
  • very tear-resistant
  • much cheaper than hinge material
  • on request with FSC certificate
  • Made to measure at no extra cost
  • Everything made in Germany
  • often thick and inflexible
  • often expensive
  • not all providers are FSC-certified
  • often only standard widths
  • partly unknown origin

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